Friday, December 24, 2010

Mega Friday and New Swagbucks

It's Mega Friday where you can earn more Swagbucks than you normally do on any other day. Though have you seen the new holiday Swagbucks? If you earn 5 different ones, you get a bonus of 50 swagbucks in your account!

I LOVE swagbucks because of the fact that it has paid for several Christmas presents this year for my kids.  Once I reach 450 Swagbucks, I turn them in for a $5 Amazon Gift card and enter the code in my account.

Right now you can get a bonus of 30 Swagbucks by entering the code:  JoinIn2010.  It has to be entered just the way that it is in the spot.  You will then have 60 Swagbucks towards many prizes.

How do you earn Swagbucks? You can set Swagbucks as your home page or even download their FREE toolbar!  I have the toolbar and that is how I get most of my points.  You’ll randomly earn Swagbucks while searching the internet! There are also Swag Codes that are released daily (that I try to post on my facebook page), you can find these on the Swagbucks Facebook page, Swagbucks Twitter page, Swagbucks blog and the Swagbucks Toolbar!

Earn Swagbucks by taking survey's each day HERE and you get one Swagbuck for just checking them out.  Taking the daily poll HERE will also give you one Swagbuck.

This is an easy way to start "saving" money for shopping in the winter for holiday gifts.  I know many people who have earned $20 in Amazon gift cards (the best deal for the points 450 = $5) in just 3 months by just searching each day like they normally would have through google.

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