Sunday, December 26, 2010

30% off HerbalIfe - TODAY ONLY 12/26

Patti announced on the Facebook page that she is offering 30% off items at her Herbalife site. This offer is only for Minnesota Coupon fans!

Start the New Years off right! I have been doing Herbalife for the last 2 weeks and lost 4 pounds! That is impressive with all of the sweets going around and the big meals at gatherings.  I have to say that the shakes fill me up and are really good.  Trust me...I was skeptical, but it has been working for me and I am sure that it can work for you.

Head to Patti's site HERE and get 30% off today by using the coupon code:  FB , 12/26 ONLY!

Check out the programs that are already set to go HERE.

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