Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kmart Doubles 2/22-28

There are some great deals to be had. I did 4 transactions on Sunday. are 3 of the 4 totals. I can't find one of mine.

$96.90 - $88.00 in coupons = $8.70 ($2.95 in tax)
$85.55 - $82.23 in coupons = $ 3.32 ( $2.88 in tax)
$ 81.29 - $75.32 in coupons = $5.97 ( $2.54 in tax)

In one receipt I bought.....

3 Vaseline Lotion $3.29 reg price
4 Gilette Shampoo $4.50 reg price
2 of the 10 pk Bic Razors $3.29 reg price
2 of the 4 lb bag of Goodlife dogfood $5.99 reg price
4 Goodlife Cat treats $2 reg price
2 Scrubbing Bubbles wipes $2.79 reg price
3 Glade Carpet Fresh $1.50 reg price
1 Cheweez dog treats $3.00 reg price
2 Quaker Quakes $1.99 reg price
2 Sobe Water $1 reg price

$ 81.29 - $75.32 in coupons = $5.97 ( $2.54 in tax)

There is alot more info HERE on doubles.

Some great Coupons to print or receive in the mail

FREE Kashi frozen Entree ~This is mailed to you

$5 off Glucerna Cereal ~This one you can print twice by hitting the back button a couple of times

$2 off Kashi TLC soft baked cereal bars
~This one you can print twice also.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Where to find the coupons?

Of can print out coupons right here on Minnesota Coupon Adventure too! So check here first and then AFC.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where to find the coupons?

Ever wonder where we get all the coupons to get the good deals at the store? Pay attention as I let you in on all the hot spots.

  • Sunday paper ~This is where you will get most of your coupons. Not all Sunday papers are considered equal though. The Star Tribune $1.75 has better coupon inserts than the Pioneer Press $1.00. Is it worth paying the extra .75 each week. In my opinion, I would have to say YES! There may be a few weeks when they will have just the P&G insert and then you can just pick up the Pioneer Press. The P&G are the same in both.
  • Dollar Store~At these stores you can pick up the Star Tribune for $1. Now for the bad news...these coupon inserts seem to be different than the ones that you can get in any other store or home delivery. Not bad, but there are a few coupons missing. So know what coupons you are looking for and then decide.
  • Friends and Family~Get those coupon inserts from neighbors and friends. Let them think you are nuts for wanting them. You will be the one smiling with the extra savings from the coupons.
  • Online~A great place to get printable coupons are right here on my blog. Look for them on the left hand side of the page. You can also type in what you may be looking for in google and see what pops up. Another site to look on is in their database of coupons. Printing them off here, does help grow my site. Thanks.
  • Ebay~yes, you heard me can purchase coupons off of ebay. Before you do, know what you are willing to pay for the coupons. I tend not to pay more than .10 for a $1 coupon or .20 for a $2. The coupons have to be really good coupons for me to pay that price. Many times you can get a better deal. Figure in the shipping also.
  • Other places to buy coupons , and Now these places will charge you a handling fee. The nice thing is that you can order as many coupons as you want instead of getting 10, 15, or 20 on Ebay.
  • Product website~Sign up to be on the mailing list for your favorite products like General Mills, Kelloggs, Pampers, Huggies, or Geber.
  • Store sites~Don't forget to register on CVS, Walgreens, Home Depot, and any other store that you may shop at..
  • yes, you heard right. Target has some great coupons each week that you can combine with manufacturer coupons. You can print them at the Kiosks at Target (, go to the botttom and find "coupons" and then print them". New coupons come out once every two weeks, but you can still use the ones that were just up until they expire. You can also print them out on Just look under "coupon menu" at the top.
  • Trade for coupons~There is a great trading area at to trade for coupons that you need. You post what you are in search of (ISO) and people will say that they have them and then ask for certain coupons or money in trade. Some may even RAOK (random act of kindness) to you for FREE!
  • Magazines~Always look inside those magazines for coupons. All You is a great magazine that you can find at Walmart that has some great coupons and articles in it.
  • Brochures~Look at those brochures that you find at the doctors office or at the waiting area in CVS or Walgreens when getting your prescription. Many times there are coupons in them.
  • At the store~Look for black boxes up near the product for what we call a "blinkie" coupon. Normally you can grab only one at a time. Tear Pads are also near a product and tend to just be a bunch of coupons on a carboard pad. Peelies are actual coupons on the product.
  • Cash register~Look at the end of your receipts. I have had coupons at the end of my receipts at Target and at Cub Foods. Also look for Catalinas that pop out next to the register. It is a separate machine next to the register and it will pop out coupons for $$ off of your next purchase or a coupon.
  • In the mail~Look at that junk mail that you get in the mail. Value-pak offers some great coupons off of restaurant deals in the area plus much more. Most of it is junk, but some of it is actually useful.
I also want to make sure that you know that you can print coupons off the internet, but you can NOT photocopy any coupons.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fare For All

Fare For All ~link

Big savings every month on fresh, high quality, nutritious groceries – that’s what Fare For All, EFN’s largest supplemental food program, is all about!

As food prices continue to rise, more Minnesotans are experiencing significant difficulties affording basic expenses each month. Fare For All is open to anyone who wants to save money on their groceries. Participants (Fare For All is great for seniors, working families, individuals who are both employed and unemployed, or individuals on fixed incomes) have the opportunity to save 40-50% off their monthly food budgets and access fresh fruits and veggies, frozen meats of all kinds, and a variety of non-perishable staple items.

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