Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hot Daily Deals

Ever wish you could save 50-90% when trying out restaurants, salons, entertainment, bakeries, sporting events, golf, etc. Then you need to sign up for the following sites. On the first four sites, you will get a daily email, but that can easily be deleted if you aren't interested in the deal for the day.  Better to delete the deal, than the miss a GREAT deal.

For all of the sites, be sure to read ALL of the limitations of the coupon along with the expiration date. Once you buy something, you can print it out the next day and use it. The deal will also be saved in your account in case you misplace your coupon.

Many of these sites are NATIONWIDE!  So check out what is hot in your area!

Groupon by far is the most popular and deals easily run 50% off or more! 
So if you are new to Groupon, sign up HERE first. If you have bought from Groupon before, then check it out HERE

GogoSavings is based in Minnesota and working hard at getting us some great deals.

Living Social has a program that if you buy one of the deals, you will get a special link to share with others. If 3 of your friends buy the deal, your deal is FREE!

Adility - is switching to Deal$ter -

Sweet Bee Deals:  Get in on the daily deals.

DealStork -

KGB deals
CrowdCut is fairly new, but they have some great deals.

City Deals-  They have national deals all the time, so check them out!

Plum District is a brand new site focusing on deals for Moms. Though in all reality, anyone could use them.

Ever Save : receive $2 towards your first Save!  Shopped through Eversave before?  Then you will want to go through the link HERE.

MamaPedia - Many national deals

Star Tribune's Steals (different than 1/2 price deals)  50% off daily deals site. Many times the deals are good for a couple of days.

Fox's Spotlight Deal: Brand new deal site and the deals last for a week.

GoldStar offers many deals at 50% off or more. You can buy 1 or more. There is a $4 service fee for each deal that you buy.

Star Tribune's Half Price Deals offer a discount of 50% or more on a variety of services.  They do add on a service fee to mail you your gift card or certificate.

Greg and Melissa's Summer Deals offers go FAST.  They offer some very popular area attractions, services, restaurants for 50% off.  There is a $3.75 service fee.  They only offer 100 or less of each deal so I would like them on their facebook page to know what is being offered.

Twin Cities Live. com offers half price certificates.  Again, they offer 100 or less of each deal and charge a $3.75 service fee.

Deals On Radio has a HUGE list of offers on their site.  They charge just a $2.50 service fee. (thanks Jberg)

Keep checking back as I add in new ones.

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  1. This is another site that I have gotten deals on.



  2. Check out this new site focused on getting deals to savvy moms. www.plumdistrict.com It's pretty new, but has great deals- many are 50% off or more! And, right now you can enter a sweepstakes to win $500 toward Apple store purchases - that's enough for an iPad!

  3. I bought two certificates on Deals on Radio for Sarpino's in Champlin and they are CLOSED. I am waiting to hear about a refund. Thought I would let everyone know to check and confirm the place is still open before purchasing gift certificates.

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  5. Any chance we can get some love for this site? http://storevu.com/ It's all about local Minneapolis, MN coupons!


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