Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fiber One "Help Take the Hunger out of Dieting" Give Away - ends 12/16

If you are a fan of Minnesota Coupon Adventure, you know that I have taken a step towards a healthier me.  Let's just say that before taking this step that I LOVE to eat and have gained some weight over the course of a year.  We would have pizza as a family and I never felt full with just 2 pieces of pizza.  I could eat another 2 pieces easily.

I was so happy when General Mills through MyBlog Spark, provided me a special Fiber One “Help Take the Hunger out of Dieting” prize pack that includes Fiber One Original cereal, a cereal-on-the-go container, food scale, water bottle and notepad for tracking what you eat.  It is making the process of trying to eat healthier a whole lot easier.
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