Tuesday, December 7, 2010

CHEAP diapers at Walgreens

Walgreens just got sweeter!

Walgreens Diapers Deal (check your store for your price and watch how they are rung up)
Buy 2 Walgreens diapers @ $8.99 (BOGO) = $17.98
Buy 1 Revlon Top Speed Nail Color $ $5.99 (get $5 Jingle cash) = $5.99
Buy 2 Hallmark Cards @ .99 each (get $2 Jingle Cash)= $1.98

= $25.95 plus tax ($1.85)
- $8.99 diapers BOGO
- $1.00 Revlon Coupon on display (some people are being able to use the $1 coupon in Walgreens Everything Bright and Beautiful book - by beauty counter)

= $15.96 pay out of pocket
- $5 bonus Jingle Cash (usable Dec 12-18), $2 Hallmark Jingle Cash, $5 Revlon Jingle Cash
= 3.96 final price  + tax

If you are interested in just diapers, you can do the below deal.

6 diapers @ $8.99 = $53.94
- 3 diapers per BOGO = $26.97

= $26.97 Out of pocket plus tax
- $10 Jingle Cash receive to be used Dec 12-18
=$16.97 for 6 packs of diapers or $2.82 each
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  1. Thanks I need to stock up again. I have never tried wags brand, but dd7 is 2 so these should be ok.

  2. Size 3 is 36 count and Size 4 is 31 count so like 7 cents a diaper for 36 count.

  3. If I use the $1 WAGS diaper coupon on Red Plum, will that mess things up?

  4. No, I used the coupon with no problems plus there were peelies on the walgreens brand wipes for $2 off diapers that worked too.

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  6. Question about the diapers- if i buy just 2, and one is free with BOGO, and the rest of the deal will i still get the jingle cash? Do they figure OOP before the BOGO is deducted? anyone try that?

    I think some of this is off. You put in the jingle cash section we'd get $5 hallmark jingle cash, but you only get that if you buy 6 hallmark cards, so the OOP would be a bit higher if you're buying 6 to get the 5 jingle cash. also, make sue you buy the Revlon Top Speed Nail Color, I didn't write down those specifics so I didn't get it on the regular nail polish. and have to go return it.

  7. I have done the deal above and the Jingle Cash Bonus printed. I try not to post deals if I have not done them.

    Amy...you are right on the Revlon as I forgot the name of it.

    You do not need to buy 6 cards. I bought just 2 and received $2 Jingle Cash.

  8. oh ok great, just wanted to make sure they'd calculate the OOP for the jingle cash prior to the BOGO deduction. My confusion on the hallmark cards is at the bottom, where you calculating OOP and then the jingle bucks you get back, you state you get $5 halmark jingle cash for the cards when you really only get $2 if you only buy 2 cards.

  9. Amypins...thank you. I looked at it again and saw what you were saying. I did fix it.


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