Monday, December 20, 2010

Champlin Park High School Started a food shelf

Did you see the news story that was aired on Channel 12 HERE?  It is really hard to see students at any school suffer and Amy saw a need to address it.  I talked to Amy today, who is a counselor at Champlin Park, to see how Minnesota Coupon Adventure couponers can help out.

I saw the "food shelf" that was there and honestly it needed some help.  It will be depleted with bags heading to the homes for the long winter break where the kids won't be able to get free or reduced breakfasts or lunches.  They need our help!

How can you help?  You can take ANYTHING you have that you are willing to donate including food, health n beauty, or even samples that you got in the mail that you don't want.  Amy is also looking for some furniture or household items (items to stock a kitchen) to help out a student.

IF you can drop off  items by Wednesday morning, you can be assured that you will help many students.   Champlin Park High School is located right off of 109th  and Douglas / Zane.  You will want to go to door 3 and there is a place for visitor parking.  Bring it in and there will be a "greeter" to tell you where to bring it or you can just drop it off.

If you have questions, please contact me at kmchamplin1 at aol dot com.

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