Sunday, December 19, 2010

Aldi's Deals for Dec19-24

I'm so glad that I looked at Aldi's ad today as we were in need of potatoes. Check out the deals that I saw.

Broccoli .99 bunch
Potatoes 10 lbs $1.49 (great stock up price)
Pineapple $1.69
Navel Oranges 4 lbs $1.69

Appleton Farms Smokes Ham - Shank portion $1.19
Appleton Farms Smoked Ham Butt portion $1.29 lb (Cub has it .88 w/ $25 purchase)
Spiral Sliced Half Ham $1.49 lb
Roseland Sliced Bacon 16 oz $2.49
Appleton Farms Bacon 16 oz $2.69

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