Saturday, January 8, 2011

Get Ready for an AWESOME Change!

For a long time, I have debated on going to a .com site and changing the name of the site. If you were on facebook one day, you saw the choices and the winner was Creative Couponing! The site is up and running, but I have been posting on MCA and Becky (a saint) has been taking those posts and transferring them over to Creative Couponing!

I am celebrating by have some GREAT giveaways from MCA / CC members!  If you want free advertising for your business by offering something to give away, please send me an email at kmchamplin1 at aol dot com along with a description of what it is you are offering.  I will be sending back an email to everyone on Sunday with more questions / directions.

If you have suggestions about the new site, I would love to hear them.  I want this to be a super friendly site for you.

I am planning to stop posting on MCA on 1/11/11 and posting 100% on Creative Couponing if all goes well!

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