Thursday, January 6, 2011

8 codes for Disney Rewards

Do you have a Disney Rewards account?  If not, now is a good time to start one and enter the below codes HERE.  Some of these are new to you and some of them you may have entered already. You can check to see if you used these codes by looking underneath where you enter them.  If you enter too many that you already use in one day, it freezes your account. 

FM39V03SSW = 5 points
CHIHUAHUA = 25 Points
 D11M20R01NY= 50 Points (EXPIRES 1/15/11)
 COOL = 50 Points
 9EKSMN38SH = 50 Points
 9FTMRYWEK = 50 Points
 FPSNN83JX9 = 25 Points
 REX = 25 Points (NEW members only)

Take a survey for 100 points HERE.

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