Monday, August 30, 2010

Heading to the State Fair? More good tips!

I just got back from my second day at the Minnesota Sate Fair as I did a segment for Showcase Minnesota on cheap / free items at the fair (can see it HERE).  Anywhoo... I found way more today than I did on Saturday.

  • If you have the time, check out Kare11 for their Showcase Minnesota show from 10 am -11 am.  My son and I were treated to FREE FOOD from the local food vendors.   We had french fries, deep fried candy bar, fried potato chips w/chocolate, something that was from a foreign country, and then they gave us a FREE Kare11 Bag!   I can't guarantee that they are doing this for every show, but you will love watching Rob dancing around if they play music.  LOL
  • WCCO and 102.9 bags have Mystery Tickets for Nickelodeon Universe.  You could win one ride pass, one day ride pass (like 100 points) or a year's worth of rides!
  • Check out the half naked men down at the north end of the fair...though I don't know if it was just for today or not.  They were passing out a romance novel.
  • At the north end also, they had coupons for $1/2 off Ocean Spray and samples of Craisins and Ocean Spray Juice.  I actually liked the Pomegrante Craisins.  That was a shocker.  LOL
  • Up on Wright Ave and Cooper, you will find a Sensodyne blow up display.  Free Toothbrush and case...they will have you brush your teeth there.  The kids can get a toothbrush but they can't get the toothpaste on their brush.
  • KS95 bags had .75/1 Smuckers coupons in them.  Exp 4/10/11 DND They also had $5 off Renaissance coupons and $3 or $10 off Haunt at Valleyfair coupons.  One more coupon for an extra $5 in FREE tickets to St Mary's Taste of Greece.
  • Home Depot passes out buckets at 9 am and 4 pm.  They don't have this advertised, so I don't know if it runs for the whole fair.  They also have the make it kits for you kids to make and they get an apron also. (located across the education buildng)
  • Education building...pencils, pens, hand sanitizer, bags, bandanas, etc.  They give out the bags at various times throughout the day.
  • DNR has dvd's for snowmobiling and four wheeling.  They also have color changing pencils.
  • Bobby and Steve's Auto World bags were being given out with a $2 coupon in it for their place.  MN Teen Challenge chapstick were being given out also.  They were being handed out at the _____ Chapel on Underwood Street.
  • Kool108 had $10 Grand coupons in it.
If I think of more, I will add onto it. 

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