Tuesday, August 31, 2010

100 FREE cards ENDS 9/1/10

Head over to Zazzle HERE and get 100 $16.95 Business cards FREE through 9/1/10. Use the code ZAZSHIPSFREE to get FREE Shipping as well. Make sure to change shipping to Economy Shipping: FREE on the last page at checkout.

The deal is still working though you really have to search for cards.  Like this one works for me HERE.
Thanks Mercedes.

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  1. What's the code for the business cards? I only see the code for shipping.

  2. Wasn't able to get this to work.....maybe I read it wrong?

  3. They are having problems on the site and it is like a search and find now. Only certain cards will be free.

  4. Is there a code for this offer? I just made a card and used the free shipping code but the cards aren't free. Maybe it is just certain designs? Help!!

  5. Erin...This company really screwed up this deal. It was suppose to be free all day and then it turned out to be only certain ones and then nothing.


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