Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Great deal at Target w/ Cub coupon

You have to check out the response that Christa got while attempting to use the Cub Manufacturer Gold N Plump $10 off $25 coupon at Target. She used it at Target because Target's prices are cheaper on the type of chicken she wanted. You can check it out HERE. While you are there, you should become a fan and life the page. Many readers of MCA post questions and good deals on there.

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  1. I liked that deal so much, I went to Supertarget, to only discover that Coupons on packages are Manufacturer coupons, not store. So you can use just one, combining $10 coupon from Cud ad and coupons from packages would simply be wrong and illegal. ;-( Bad

  2. I didn't see the coupons that were on the package and the employee took them off as store coupons. Either way, she didn't do it on purpose. The employee was the one that said it was okay to do both. It is still a better deal than at Cub even without the .75 coupons.


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