Friday, June 25, 2010

Easy, Cheap, and Useful Filler at Walgreens

Are you ever looking for a filler that doesn't have an attached coupon to it in order to use your RR's and you don't want to end up with a ton of candy or pencils?  A great idea came from a member over at AFC...use a gift card as a filler! are NOT paying for the gift card with any RR (register rewards), but putting money on a card instead of buying that candy bar that we really don't need on our hips!  Example...

I am purchasing the following items w/ coupons attached...

Renu $7.99 - $2 coupon = $5.99
Tampons $5.99 - $1 coupon = $4.99
Total is $10.98

Now I have a $10 RR that I want to use, but normally the cheapest filler is a candy bar, pencil, cup, etc.  IF you put money on a gift card (they have birthday ones that have no minimum), you will have another item that does NOT have a coupon attached to it. (Walgreens register logic says that you can't have more coupons than items...hence, you need a filler or another item to have the RR attach itself to).

Total is $10.98
Gift card .25 = $11.23
Pay with a $10 RR (attaches itself to the gift card as a item) = $1.23

Pay $1.23 Out of Pocket (oop).  You can pay with a gift card that you bought previously.

***PLEASE do NOT, NOT, NOT pay for the gift card with your RR as it is against Walgreens policy***
Renu $7.99 - $2 coupon = $5.99
Tampons $4.99 - $1 coupon = $3.99
Total is $9.98 (wanting to pay with a $10 RR)

Add on .25 to a gift card and then pay with the $10 RR.  You shouldn't be doing this because of the fact that you are .02 short on your other total.  You can NOT pay for any of the gift card with the RR even if it is .02.

Make sense?  Please comment if it doesn't.

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