Sunday, July 18, 2010

Office Max Deals in store and online July 18-24

Office Max has school supplies on sale in the store and FREE supplies online with the Max Perks Program. In store deals first.

$1 DEALS (while supplies last)

*Office Max mechanical pencil Starter Kit (while supplies last) Limit 3
*Just Basics Erasers 5 pack (Limit 3)
*Office Max 1 subject Notebooks 100 ct sheets ( Limit 3)
*Scotch magic tape donut dispenser (Limit 3)
*All Post-it 2×2 notes 1 pack (Limit 3)
*Liquid Paper correction fluid (Limit 3)

OTHER DEALS in store

*.5 oz bottles of Purell .10 each  (Good deal)
*10 ct All Just Basics Ball point pens .20 (reg .99) while supplies last
*Boise 500 sheets paper $3.00 (Limit 3)

ONLINE DEALS ONLY (Free after Max Perks rebate)  Ad can be seen HERE.

*[IN] PLACE Heavy Duty Reference Binders 1 " w/ EZ Comfort D ring (Limit 6) $6.49 each, FREE after rebate

*Office Max Filler Paper College Rule (Limit 6) $1.99, FREE after rebate

*Office Max Manilla File Folder, 1/3 cut, letter size 100 count (Limit 6) $5.99 each, FREE after rebate

*Office Max 2 pocket folders without fasteners, 24 pack (Limit 6) $8.99 each pack, FREE after rebate

You must be a Max Perks member for a business or a teacher (you can register HERE).. You will receive a rebate back in the form of store credit. You can use your credit to buy more items that are free after Max Perk rebates.  Free shipping with $50.

Be sure to get more money back when you shop through Ebates (3%) or Shop at Home (4%)!

1~Go to Ebates, OR Shop at Home and type in Office Max.
2~Click on the link that they have for Office Max.
3~Look for the ad that says "It's like getting office supplies for free"
4~Order at least $50 in supplies and check out.  Be sure to enter your MAX PERKS account!

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