Saturday, July 10, 2010

HOT $10/$10 coupon at Famous Footwear! exp 7/12

Alright! It's coupon time! Check the "Exclusive Offer" tab at Famous Footwear's page HERE for a 48 hour offer from them. Hurry it expires Monday at midnight!

The coupon is good in stores, at their outlet, or online with FREE ground shipping! (no longer valid shopping online as someone hacked their code (makes no sense, since it was a universal code), but still good in their stores) gets BETTER! Earn 13% cash back when you shop through ShopAtHome HERE.

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  1. If you're like me and always forgetting to put your reusable shopping bags back in the car trunk, this is a good coupon to stock up on bags. They have reusable shopping bags for $0.99. So you can get eleven bags SHIPPED for $0.89.

    The shopping bag can also be used as a filler item if you're a few cents short of the $10 minimum.

  2. Good idea, but the shipping code is dead now. :(

  3. And you can't use the code online anymore - they said the coupon was "hacked" and then reposted it on Facebook so it now requires you to use it in-store. Nice - won't be shopping at Famous Footwear now.

  4. Thanks for the tip. I'll use it when updating Code Coupon Discount


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