Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cheap Merona Clothing at Target

Mercedes found these deals at her Target store after she heard a tip.  You might want to print off the six clothing coupons that are on the website before they disappear and see if you have the same deals as she found.  I am heading out tomorrow. 

* Workout shorts, tanks and tees for $4.98 (clearance) (free after $5/1 coupon)
* Mens socks for $4.98 (clearance) (free after $5/1 coupon)
* Mens and women’s socks as low as $6.99 for three pair (reg price) (Pay $1.99 after $5/1 coupon)
* Mens underwear $8.99 (Pay $1.99 after $5/1 coupon)
* Womens workout items as low as $7.99 (reg price) (Pay $2.99 after $5/1 coupon)
* Hanes tank tops $3.68 (clearance price) ($2.68 after $1/1 coupon)
* Merona hand bag $4.68 (clearance price) *$1.68 after $3/1 coupon)

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